The Irish telecommunications regulator (ComReg) has made it easy for you to conduct wireless research and development in Ireland using Ireland’s radio spectrum.

What’s more, to assist spectrum licence holders, ComReg’s mobile units regularly carry out checks to ensure that you receive a quality radio signal.

ComReg’s Test and Trial Ireland service includes:

Quick, inexpensive access to radio spectrum for wireless tests (approval in less than 10 days after receipt of a completed application, €200 for a 12 month test licence and €500 for a 12 month trial licence)

Access granted to almost any radio frequency band (in other countries, access can be restricted by military use, by international borders, or by high-density populations)

Ability for clients to conduct joint trials with consumers (allowing clients to gain valuable customer experience feedback prior to commercial launches).

Find out what difference ComReg’s Test and Trial Ireland service can make to your wireless business by viewing our short video:

Quickly gain access to Ireland's radio spectrum for wireless tests and trials

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